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Pay per click advertising are the ads you see on the top and right hand side of the Google and other search engine’s results pages. Google, Yahoo, and MSN permit you to show up on the top of the list if you are willing to bid enough for that click. This is where it becomes challenging; it is important to have great placement in the results but only if you are yielding a great return on that investment. Here are just a few of the steps we take to insure a successful campaign.

PPC Advertising Services in Charlotte NC

Initiating The Program

We first find the most relevant keywords and phrases pertaining to your business. We then make sure your website has the proper keyword density in the terms and phrases on your site. One of Google’s goals is to give their users the best search experience possible and they do that by showing the best results possible. In fact, Google sometimes charges advertisers less money and gives then better placement then their competitors to accomplish this. The best way to start a PPC program is to have the most relevant information on your website. This ensures we pay the best possible click rate for all relevant keywords.

Extensive Data Collection

Next we focus on how your customers are searching. What are the keywords and phrases they are typing into the search engines? Are you a seasonal business or focusing on a specific area? There are hundreds of different ways customers can search for you and we constantly dig into your search engine data and trends to uncover all of them. We focus on both broad and specific long tailed key phrases. Then, we analyze each term and decide if return on investment is suitable to the cost of the bid. We provide some of the best pay per click available!

Monitoring Click Activity & Progress

This is the most crucial step of the process. Using Google’s Analytics software, we monitor each keyword to see if the users convert into sales. If we see some keywords are getting traffic but are not profitable, we shift the focus to the ones that are. This is an ongoing task that we monitor and update for the life of the campaign helping to turn clicks in to qualified leads.

Absolute Transparency

Transparency is our guarantee to you. We will show you where every penny goes and why we choose put it there; it does not get any simpler than that! We know you will see results from all the increased traffic but we also want you to see it on paper. Most companies offer tracking but we choose to go beyond by offering full transparency. You should know where your money goes!

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

People are not going to automatically find your website just because it is up and running. There is a constant need to reach customers and Pay Per Click Advertising accomplishes that feat. Here’s a look at the benefits that come with Pay Per Click Advertising.

  • Tangible Results
    The results from Pay Per Click Advertising are both fast and measurable. You will not have to wait a long time for results and you will also be able to see the results with updated metrics.
  • Independence From Algorithms
    There are constant changes to search engine algorithms which makes keeping pace with Google pretty much a full-time job. Pay Per Click Advertising takes away the worry of having to figure out so many high-tech and fast-pace changes.
  • Targeting Your Audiences
    Pay Per Click Advertising gives you the ability to appeal to a specific audience. A Pay Per Click Advertising campaign will allow you to choose the location, time and websites where your ad will appear.
  • Develop Marketing Strategies
    Pay Per Click Advertising will give you the ability to test out new marketing strategies. Adwords campaigns only need to last a few weeks and then those results can be analyzed. That will give you the freedom to change up marketing strategies as your business sees fit.

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