General Contractors

General contractors have come to rely on the internet for new business and that has made it a necessity to embark on some type of online marketing. Most general contractors have way too much going on to devote their time to the world of online marketing. This is where Leads Online Marketing can step in and expand your digital presence with specialized and experienced contractor website design services.

General Contractor SEO 

General contractors have to attend to a lot of duties on a daily basis. Passing off SEO duties is a smart move and one that could be extremely beneficial. Our general contractor SEO services use appropriate keywords to reach the proper target audience in your immediate area. Our general contractor SEO accounts for all types of services including the following:

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Finished Basements
  • Bathroom Remodels
  • Patios and Decks
  • Painting
  • Window Installation

B2B Online Marketing

As a general contractor, there is a need to market to more than just the public. General contractors must also consider other businesses. Hiring sub-contractors is a primary job duty and B2B marketing can help. Leads Online Marketing has the experience and expertise to get your general contracting business in front of a whole new audience. Our website design, content and SEO can connect you to other businesses and make the entire general contractor process easier on you.

Responsive Contractor Website Design

Leads Online Marketing will put together a responsive design website that meets the demand of your Contractor business. Regardless of what type of device is being used to access the website, it will respond accordingly. Mobile devices will appear differently from how a website appears on a desktop version. The responsive design allows for a better mobile experience. This comes with customization options as well. But to make the most out of your responsive design, it takes the right planning and expertise. Leads Online Marketing can provide top-quality responsive design service to general contractors.

Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Design

Most traffic on websites originates from mobile devices. Websites that are not optimized and without a responsive design are at an immediate disadvantage. Features that are complex but appealing on a desktop do not translate well when they are not mobile friendly. Leads Online Marketing can eradicate these issues by creating a mobile-friendly user experience that will help generate new leads and bring in new clients. It is also important to consider that websites have a long shelf life and should appear as updated as possible. Leads Online Marketing can make the necessary adjustments to keep the mobile experience fresh and new.