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Search engine optimization is a crucial part of marketing your website; consisting of three major elements: On-page, Off-page and Contextual SEO. We utilize all three elements to rank high on the organic search results on all major search engines. The more relevant your website content is to the search engines, the higher you will be placed on search results pages.

Search Engine Services For Optimization In Charlotte NC

On-page SEO Solutions

This element of SEO focuses on the relevance of the content on your site. If your business is selling products and services then your website’s content needs to be user friendly as well as search engine friendly. We study the content on the page and follow a specific formula to convey your message to search engine crawlers.

Off-page SEO Solutions

This part of SEO focuses on links that are pointing to your site. Not all links are equal and, in fact, some link building techniques are frowned upon by major search engine providers. Search engines want the individual user to have the best and most optimized experience so staying loyal is a key to driving relevant leads to your business. We use industry top practice guidelines to build quality links with 100’s of sites including Social Media, online directories, various media outlets and much more.

Contextual SEO Solutions

Now that we have optimized your message and created relevant links to your website it is time to focus on the specific elements of your website in context. We start by optimizing photos and various forms of media with your message; in some cases we implement videos that promote your business to your potential customers. Search engines love relevant content pertaining to the end user! Studies show that the average person will stay on a website for a longer period of time if you have extended media features like videos, tours and slide shows.

Advantages of SEO specialization

Many companies may claim to improve your website with SEO, but keep in mind that there is a lot that goes into creating a successful SEO campaign. At Leads Online Marketing, we take the time to improve and maintain your website SEO by using every available tool at our disposal; some of these strategies include:

  • Keywords in title tags – There are rules on how many characters belong in title tags and there are also tremendous advantages to using the right keywords inside title tags. This allows websites to have greater visibility in addition to receiving a more substantial and relevant traffic.
  • Header Tags – These tags come before paragraphs and sum up the main idea of what the content in that paragraph will feature. Keyword-rich header tags are more frequently identified by search engines thus improving organic search results.
  • Google Analytics – This tool is a essential guide for creating a successful SEO strategy. By analyzing your Google Analytics, we are able to construct a SEO strategy based upon your daily visits and relevant keyword searches.
  • Maximizing channels – Your social media channels are extremely valuable tools when it comes to online marketing. Twitter, Facebook and Google+ can help take your SEO to the next level! Utilizing these channels and integrating them into your website SEO strategy is key for maximizing success.
  • Avoiding black hat tactics – We do not use any black hat (questionable) tactics that could result in search engine penalties like: Keyword stuffing, duplicating content, cloaking, page swapping, spamming of any kind and cookie stuffing. These are practices that are strictly prohibited at Leads Online Marketing.
  • Browser Compatibility – All websites should be compatible with the latest internet browsers. This means that whether a individual is using either Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or Opera browsing suites everyone will enjoy the same viewing experience when navigating your website.
  • Diversified content – Search engines are not looking for websites that are filled with only one type of media. A diversified content approach is not only essential but absolutely necessary to compete in the current market; this calls for the need to include multimedia functions on your site. The use and proper tagging of videos and photos can go a long way to improving your SEO.

Effective SEO marketing has never been easier or more affordable. Leads Online Marketing is staffed with qualified and experienced professionals who are waiting to help bring your business to the next level with one of the best marketing team on the web. We offer some of the best search engine optimization, call us today!

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