Attorneys & Law Firm Website Design

Leads Online Marketing has a long history of providing attorney website design and SEO services for all types of lawyer services and law firms. Our team of professionals has an extensive industry knowledge to help elevate the online platform of attorneys and law firms of all practice types.

Responsive Website Design 

Leads Online Marketing will put together a responsive design website that will enhance the overall user experience. Building a responsive design website means that it will accommodate to each user. The images and text of the website adjusts to each user device. For example, text that is laid out in multiple columns on a desktop will automatically adjust to a single column layout when viewed on a smart phone. The website is responsive to however it is being viewed in terms of a device and includes the following:

  • Dynamic content
  • Condensed navigation
  • Images are optimized

Attorney and Law Firm SEO

Online marketing involves knowing exactly how to convey a message so that it is picked up in searches. Users who are searching for an attorney are usually typing in certain search words. We are able to adjust our website content to include keywords that users regularly type in when seeking out a certain type of attorney.

We also provide local SEO marketing as most law firms need to target potential clients in their immediate area. SEO marketing at Leads Online Marketing caters to local audiences so that your searches come up to the people right in your area.

Blog Service

Web content is important and that also includes an updated blog that provides users with valuable information. We provide professional blog writing that will give your law firm both credibility and exposure. A legal blog is a great way to attract new clients and we combine quality content with SEO to bring more eyes to your website.

ROI for Law firms

When you choose Leads Online Marketing for your law firm marketing and website design, the services are put together to provide you with a return on your investment. That comes with helping law firms and attorneys attract new clients and broaden their online footprint. In a digital age, it is important to invest in a quality law firm SEO service that knows how to reach new clients. There is an abundance of new clients seeking out an attorney and it is our job to connect the two. Leads Online Marketing is ready to start working for you.


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