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Website Design & Optimization Services Available For Your BusinessSocial Media offers businesses, big and small, an assortment of unique opportunities that can help them succeed. It is a place where companies and brands can socialize with not only current customers but also new, potential customers. However, over the past few years it has become more and more difficult for a business to reach an audience. While social media certainly has its limitations, it still remains an essential tool for business branding and marketing.

For a moment, think of social media as the eyes and ears of a business with its website as the brain. The website should be the online communications and information hub, or go-to place, for consumers. With nearly limitless formatting and functions, a website is able to presents relevant information that is easy for visitors to find. The average online user will want to use a website to confirm information found elsewhere, including social media. On the other hand, an online user wishing to make a connection with a business on a more personal level will want to seek it out on social media. But, a business must be made available to those users by connecting it to social media. Furthermore, it must utilize its eyes and ears by engaging an audience: commenting and liking posts, responding to positive and negative feedback, discussing trending topics, and more. With the right marketing strategy, social media can help your business stand out. We provide some of the best Social Media Marketing!

Below is a quick overview of the features found on social media for business when it comes to the top two networks: Facebook and Twitter. At the bottom of this page there is a glossary of terms commonly used in marketing and social media.

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Facebook allows businesses the opportunity for increased exposure with more than 1 billion daily active users. To get started, a business first needs a Page. A page can be used to publically spread a message, share photos, and generally spread the word about your brand, business, products, and services.

Status Updates – Publish content (post) such as text, photos, videos and website links to a Page’s followers. The reach of a status update can go beyond followers by paying to promote it.

Likes / Reactions – Posts Reactions were once limited to Likes but now include Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry.

Timeline – The section on users’ Pages and Profiles that chronical their Status Updates and shared posts.

News Feed – Profile user can view content from friends, groups and Pages they follow by visiting their News Feed.

Messaging – Users and Pages can communicate privately using Facebook’s built-in messaging system. Various setting help you stay better connected and responsive to potential clients.

Reviews – Pages have the option to enable reviews which allows user to provide feedback using a start rating system. 5-stars is the best rating while 1-star is the worst.

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Twitter is a great way for brands to find out about their audience in real time. Tap into trends, start discussions, and engage users with 280 characters or less.

Tweet – Send a message out to Followers that can be discovered by the whole world.

Retweet – Share tweets from other users. Adding a comment to a retweet is called Quote Tweet in the mobile app.

Like – Show some love or appreciation for tweets.

Reply – Respond to public tweets with comments.

Followers – Users that follow a profile will receive its tweets, replies, and likes in their feeds.

Moments – A compilation of tweets that can tell a story or highlight the Twitter world’s best.

Hashtags – Keywords, phrases or topics can be indexed by using a hashtag symbol (#). This practice makes it easier for tweets discovered. E.g. #ThursdayThoughts

Bio – Text portion of a profile that is a maximum of 160 characters.

Trends – Users are provided a live list of top trends. This location of the trend can be focused to a country or major city for better local insight.

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Instagram | Facebook, Inc. App

Facebook Pages can be connected to Instagram Business Profiles. By default, Facebook Ads display in Instagram to maximize reach.